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Write in the Right Place

From my home office, the phone rings, and after an hour of catching up with a friend, I run to the kitchen for something to nosh on before sorting through a clutter of paperwork. According to the clock on the wall, two hours flew by and the paragraph on my computer screen has not changed since I logged on. Distractions always have a way of encroaching on my workspace as well as shattering my willpower to stay focused.

With the disturbing set of circumstances on the home front, it would be best if I venture out to find some solitude where I can focus on work and make some headway. A café with free Wi-Fi? Problem is, I get caught up in the potent aroma of a cup of java while reading online articles on ‘how to be more productive in a busy world.’ I need a domain conducive to work without feeling insolated. Perhaps a library.

Ten minutes north of Pittsburgh, is the diminutive village of Sewickley where one can lose time drifting between cafes, restaurants, and a stream of ‘mom and pop' shops. And, situated on Thorn Street across from the post office is the award-winning Sewickley Library where literary enthusiasts traipse in and out to read, research, and spend time leafing through various publications. This welcoming space allows me to set up my laptop in the back corner nook, next to the fireplace where I write with no distractions. This is my home away from home. Although I sit amongst a community of literates, I am not alone. I am immersed. And the only noise I hear is the soft whisper of wisdom seeping through the sounds of silence.


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