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A Drive That Eclipsed It All

(Photo: courtesy of Toni Ventresca)

Given our chance to see the total eclipse before the next one in twenty years, we entered the rare occurrence into our calendar. According to reports, news and weather patterns, Pittsburgh would get 97% of the eclipse. The thought of seeing this huge event partially compared to seeing it in its totality influenced our decision to make the two-hour drive north.  The traffic going up Rt. 79 to Erie was staggering so we ventured off an exit to Meadville, a small town along a country road yet situated in the eye of the moving path. Around 3:00 we pulled into a MacDonald’s (along with a few other eclipse chasers) and waited. A few clouds hazed the sky but within minutes before the grand display was to occur, they rolled out of the way. Then it happened. The moon slid across the blazing sun. While this six-minute miracle darkened all within our periphery, the moment took our breath away. Standing in awe in the middle of Big Mac’s parking lot, we all looked to each other and asked, “Have you ever see anything so brilliant, so mesmerizing and so perfect?”


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