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Born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island and having lived in Manhattan for 34 years, Linda is the quintessential native New Yorker. Yet, she also lived in far-off remote places such as Madagascar, Hawaii, and Switzerland. After her time abroad, Linda was back in Manhattan to pursue a career as an actress in the performing arts. Of her numerous acting credits, she has appeared on SNL, in New Jack City, soap operas from ‘way back when’, a plethora of commercials, Off-Broadway and regional theater. She also appeared in two productions with the Pittsburgh Irish Classical Theater. Yet, of all her credits, the one closest to her heart was “Gridlock,” a comedy revue she wrote, directed, and produced at the West Bank Café in NY. 


In time, Linda swapped out the stage for an office out of Wall Street where she took on the responsibilities as a writer in marketing and communications. She remained in finances till the seismic market crash in 2008 when the job market bottomed out. From her job search, she found that standard job-seeking skills were no longer applicable due to the rapid growth of technology and globalization and thus, she built a business for a clientele of professionals in need of business documents that is still active. She is a contributing editor for the SAG-AFTRA Industry Magazine and is also a guest writer for several consulting firms. 


In addition to her professional background, Linda launched the podcast, Pressing Beyond in 2020. The premise of the podcast is about how people have pressed beyond unyielding obstacles to reach their calling and live out their true purpose. The guests interviewed vary from all “walks of life.” Pressing Beyond has been nominated for the best female podcast by the People’s Choice Awards in 2021. 


And when she is not at her desk, Linda is either on the run, training for her next marathon or skiing down a mountain in some far-off destination. 

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