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If Not Now, When?

Lured by a spur-of-the-moment invite to grab a peek at the multi-colored leaves during peak season, we hopped on a plane to Boston and rented a car that got us to Lincoln, New Hampshire within two hours. There, we met friends, who by motorcycles led us up Route 93 to the RV campground, located one-hour north in Conway.

After setting up our ‘rough n ready’ accommodations, we got on the back of the motorcycles (while one of us drove the jeep) and motored up to Mt. Washington. Riding through the back roads, we were encompassed by an overlay of brightly colored leaves. Our attempt to ascend Mt. Washington was quelled by a closed road due to a heavy snowfall at the top. We could only go so far. Yet far enough to stand on the edge of Cathedral Ledge and look out at the breathtaking canvas of red, orange, and yellow leaves strewn across the basin below.

Our quest to view the vibrant foliage was never on our radar. What influenced our impromptu decision was, “When will this opportunity come around again?” Fall happens once a year and depending on weather patterns, there is no guarantee when God’s glitter will be at peak performance. For us, it was either seize the moment or wait until our calendars were clear. When is a calendar ever clear? If not now, when?


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