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“Better to be blessed in the unknown than to remain bedeviled in the known.” ~ Linda Santavicca

With no wind and not a cloud in the sky, the day was pristine perfect for skiing Brevent, France. As I was descending down the mountain, a group of paragliding instructors were preparing to demonstrate the adventurous yet daring sport. Approaching the hub of onlookers, I stood and watched as the instructors were gearing up for take off. Inching closer to the group, an instructor singled me out and asked if I would be willing to try the daring feat. The decision was now or never. There was no time to ponder the potential tragedy of accidental death or the absolute tragedy of missing out on the chance of a lifetime.

Paragliding was never one of my bucket list items yet the thought of floating in mid-air fascinated me so within minutes, I was purchasing my ticket to seize the day. After getting geared up, I was strapped to the seat of the paraglide with the instructor seated right behind me. My only instruction was, “On the count of three, run at breakneck speed to the edge of the mountain and jump.”

And I did.

Once over the edge, my feet felt no ground. In my initial gasp, incipient tears came to my eyes. I was flung into the most exhilarating venture I have ever experienced. I was thrown into the unknown. Floating in mid-air, I was captivated, not just by hovering over the village of Chamonix or drifting close to the face of the mountain but by the capability to soar. To abandon fear and jump into the unknown was a risk that motivated and influenced me to press beyond all circumstances. What if I didn’t take that risk? To miss out on what I did not know would have been a greater tragedy.

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