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A Slap and A Story

This year’s Oscar viewing brought on more drama than some of the featured nominated films. News that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock across the face is no longer news. It’s pressed out. From Tinseltown to across the street and around the world, we heard the slap, saw the slap and are done with the slap.

Yet, while “the slap” was the most “talked about,” I was thrilled that “CODA” won for best picture. More so, I was intrigued by presenter, Kevin Costner. He told a story. A simple, moving, and authentic story. He told the story about how a young seven-year-old boy saw his first adult-movie. And the moment was so descriptive. Heartfelt. Isn’t that what movies do? They tell stories. Isn’t that what writers do? They tell stories. Yet, what made Kevin Costner’s story so moving was where he started, from his heart. He told us why.


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